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Marketing - Know your Golf Club Members and Visitors

As a golf club manager it is important for you to understand who your members and visitors are, as this will enable you to build a clear picture of where your club is in terms of business.

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Motion Picture Licensing

A number of our member clubs have received a letter from the Motion Picture Licensing Company (MPLC) to say that they may require a licence to show broadcast television programmes and films in public areas, as a result of recent change in the law.

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Sexual Harassment – what you should know as a golf club manager

The high profile #MeToo movement has been headline news for several months now, we take a look at domestic legislation on harassment under the Equality Act 2010 and highlight some key areas for golf club managers.

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Tree Preservation Orders on Golf Courses

Local Planning Authority’s issue Tree Preservation Orders (made under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990) to protect trees, groups of trees or areas of woodland, that are deemed worthy of protection. How can this affect my Club?

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