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"We're Hiring" - Recruitment of New Employees

We discuss below some of the legal issues for a golf club to consider before and during a recruitment process

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Tags: employment, legal, issues, recruitment, new, employee, discrimination

Changing Terms & Conditions of Employment

A guidance note dealing with the legal considerations that arise when a club wishes to change the terms of an employee's employment.

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Tags: terms, conditions, employment

Contract of Employment

A standard contract of employment which can be used for all (non-casual) employees.

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Tags: employment, contract, basic, ngcaa

Employment Status Of Your Professional

Every year the Employment Tribunals and Courts are called upon to determine employment status issues.

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Tags: professional, employment

Employment Tribunals

On 6 April 2014 new laws are to come into force meaning employees will need to contact ACAS about early conciliation before they can bring an employment tribunal claim.

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Tags: conciliation, tribunal, employment

Flexible Working - Guidance Note

Guidance note in relation to the Flexible Working Policy below.

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Tags: employment, flexible working

Settlement Agreement

A Settlement Agreement is a legally binding document to be used to settle employment claims. They can be a great way to avoid costly disputes and employment tribunal claims.

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Tags: employment, tribunal, claim

Settlement Agreement - Guidance Note

Occasionally, Clubs may fail to follow correct procedure and leave themselves open to potential claims from employees.

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Tags: employment, tribunal, compromise, agreement

TUPE Guidance Note

This guidance note provides an overview of the key issues arising from the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 ("TUPE").

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Tags: tupe, employment, protection

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