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Legal Documents

Governance of your Golf Club


Articles Of Association

An example set of articles for a company limited by guarantee - suitable as a starting template for adoption upon the incorporation of a Club.

Revision: 2 - Template Download

Bribery Act 2010

This guidance note summarises the significant changes in bribery and anti-corruption law in England and Wales.

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Business Transfer Agreement - Club To Company

This example of a Business Transfer Agreement is a contract between a Club and the new company to which its assets are to be transferred upon incorporation of the Club.

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Communicating with your members

What documentation are you required to send out to your members prior to a General Meeting at the Club and can I send it electronically

Revision: 4 - Document Download

Companies Limited By Guarantee

A company limited by guarantee is often the most appropriate structure for Golf Clubs. This guidance note provides an introduction to companies limited by guarantee: their constitution, operation and the circumstances in which they are used.

Revision: 3 - Document Download

Company Secretaries

This guidance note sets out the law on company secretaries and covers what the job of a company secretary entails.

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Directors Duties & Responsibilities

This guidance note covers general duties under the Companies Act 2006.

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Directors Of Incorporated Golf Clubs

This guidance note explains the role of a director plus how directors are appointed and removed.

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Electronic Communications

This guidance note covers a list of steps that some companies will need to take if they wish to benefit from using the electronic communications and communications via a website regime under the Companies Act 2006.

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General Form of Proxy

Template for use at your General Meeting

Revision: 1 - Template Download

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