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Liabilities - Nuisance & Negligence


High Hedges

Golf Clubs need to be aware of the provisions of Part 8 of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 relating to high hedges. High hedges can be a source of complaint with neighbouring property owners.  

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Icy Conditions

This article sets out a Golf Clubs liability for damage or personal injury sustained in icy conditions.

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Nuisance - Golf Balls

There is a significant potential for Nuisance-related disputes arising between Golf Clubs and neighbouring property owners.

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Nuisance - Tree Root Damage

This guidance note follows on from the general note on nuisance above.

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Slips, Trips & Falls - Who Is Responsible?

In respect of slip, trips and falls at Golf Clubs,it is everyone’s responsibility to help reduce the risk, however

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