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An employee handbook is made up of a number of policies and serves several important functions, including:

- Explaining a clubs workplace expectations and potential consequences for failure to comply with the policies and procedures
- Demonstrating the club’s compliance with certain employment laws
- Answering common employee questions
- Minimising the risk of legal claims by encouraging resolution of workplace issues through internal complaint procedures

An employee handbook often does not form part of an employee’s contract of employment. This gives the club the freedom to make reasonable changes to the policies as it sees fit, without first having to go through a consultation procedure or obtain the employee’s consent.

Some clubs opt to have very lengthy handbooks, containing numerous policies dealing with a wide range of issues, whilst others elect to have a core set of policies to work from. The complexity and policies contained within the handbook is essentially a decision for each club.

Within our Policies & Procedures section we have set out each individual policy so that clubs are able to select pertinent policies to create a bespoke handbook.

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