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Employment contracts are not only required to a certain extent by law, but can also be a useful tool for employers, not only because the terms upon which the employee is engaged are made clear, but the document can also grant an employer rights that it would not normally have.


Changing Terms & Conditions of Employment

A guidance note dealing with the legal considerations that arise when a club wishes to change the terms of an employee's employment.

Revision: 2 - Document Download

Contract of Employment

NEW A standard contract of employment which can be used for all (non-casual) employees.

Revision: 1 - Document Download

Employment Status Of Your Professional

Every year the Employment Tribunals and Courts are called upon to determine employment status issues.

Revision: 4 - Document Download

Zero Hour Contract - Casual Worker

This is a contract to be used when you want to engage a worker on a zero hour contract.

Revision: 2 - Template Download

Zero Hour Contract - Guidance Note

This guidance note will assist you if your Club is contemplating employing or engaging a person on a zero contract hours basis.

Revision: 4 - Document Download

Zero Hours Contracts - What are They

Zero Hours Contracts – What are They and How Should they be Used

Revision: 2 - Document Download

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