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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

This briefing highlights the potential risks and benefits for clubs allowing employees to use their own personal mobile devices (such as tablets, smartphones, laptops or notebook computers) for business purposes

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Copyright Images

Are your volunteers responsible for club publications such as newsletters, posters for social events, applications for open day events. Are they aware of the copyright infringement rules which can be breached when downloading images from the internet. Ma

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Cyber Security

The 21st century unfortunately brings with it the risk of a Cyber attack. Would you know how to act should you be the victim of such an attack.

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DATA Protection and Direct Marketing

This guidance note highlights the key data protection issues a business should consider when carrying out direct marketing.

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GDPR - Frequently asked questions

This document helps to explain some of the myths surrounding the new General Data Protection Regulations

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GDPR - Guidance

All clubs hold data in respect of both their employees and members. The new regulations will come into effect next year, but steps should be taken now to prepare for the transition so that you are prepared for the new regime.

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The rules governing the use of CCTV

We are considering installing CCTV in our car park. What do we need to be aware of.

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The Use of Drones in Golf Clubs

The use of drones to publicise the facilities on offer at your club is becoming more common. There are however a number of legal issues to consider before permitting their use.

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