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ACAS Guidance on providing employment references

ACAS has published new guidance in relation to the provision of employment references.

Tuesday 18th of September 2018 12:31

With the prospect of litigation over references, many golf clubs (wisely) issue a factual reference only - a simple confirmation of an employee’s position and dates of employment. It is a rare occurrence to see a reference that expresses any opinions about an employee’s performance, conduct or character.

It is important to remember that a person providing a reference has a duty to take reasonable care to ensure that the information contained in it is true, fair and accurate and that the reference does not give a misleading impression.  An untrue or misleading reference could result in costly claims for defamation, negligent misstatement or even discrimination.

The guidance covers issues such as whether a reference has to be given at all, what can be covered in a reference and job offers conditional upon a reference

The ACAS guidance is available to view here


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