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The number of employment tribunal claims continues to rise

New statistics published by the Ministry of Justice show the increasing trend in employment tribunal claims.

Monday 25th of June 2018 09:33

The Ministry of Justice has published the quarterly statistics for the period January to March 2018, showing that there were 9,252 single claims received during the quarter of January to March 2018 - up 118% on the same quarter in 2017.

This is the highest level for the last five years and, as further background, the average quarterly figure since Q4 2014/15 has been approximately 4,300.

The increase in claims continues, following the Supreme Court decision to abolish employment tribunal fees on the basis of them being unlawful

As this trend in the number of claims continues, the NGCAA continues to provide specialist employment law advice to golf clubs to help navigate a clear path and to minimise the risk of claims. If you need any further advice please contact Alistair Smith, our CEO, on 01886 812943 or [email protected]


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