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The Football World Cup 2018 Vs. Employees

This year's football World Cup tournament in Russia will present some age-old problems for employers when dealing with their staff.

Friday 8th of June 2018 14:56

Employers can expect an increase in requests for holidays, requests to work from home, increased sickness absence, issues over timekeeping, lower productivity, the potential for employees being under the influence of alcohol during working hours and increased website usage during working hours.


These are fairly common employment matters, but a large sporting event will normally bring many of these issues at once and in a concentrated period.


Golf club employers should take a view now as to what stance they propose to take during Russia 2018. Some employers will maintain the status quo, affording no flexibility or changes in the way in which they operate their policies and procedures.


Other employers may wish to offer some flexibility, seeking to embrace the tournament with their employees in an effort to boost the mood and employee engagement. For example, an employer who does not normally allow radios or internet access, might temporarily relax those rules until the conclusion of the tournament. There may be a temporary agreement for flexible working arrangements and some employers would go as far as to provide communal facilities to televise matches during breaks or after working hours.


Whichever stance is taken, it is prudent to issue a statement or a policy before the tournament commences which confirms the golf club's position as an employer. Any statement to this effect should make it clear that it is temporary and only for the duration of the tournament. It is always advisable to ensure that any statement or policy is communicated and fully explained to employees.


One further point to note for any employer proposing to screen matches within the workplace is that care should be taken so as not to discriminate against different nationalities. For example, if the employer decided to show only England games, there could be complaints of discrimination from employees of other nationalities that they have been unable to watch their own country when their games have been on TV.


For further advice on how to deal with your employees during the World Cup or any other matter, please contact Alistair Smith on 01886 812 943 or [email protected]


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