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How to Deal with Under Performing Employees

Dealing with under-performing employees can seem daunting. Follow our article for guidance on this situation

Thursday 24th of May 2018 13:02

For many managers tasked with running a golf club, there appear to be few occasions when the law and common sense collide. However, after reading this article, you may join me in thinking that the recommended legal approach for dealing with underperforming employees is one such rare occasion.

Essentially, the employee should be given a chance to understand the perceived shortcomings and have a reasonable time within which to improve. It’s a sensible approach for both the employer and employee since the employee gets a fair warning to improve before dismissal is considered whilst, if they do improve, the employer gets their employee back on track to performing how they should

This article takes you through the process of dealing with an under-performing employee. This is a common-sense approach to resolving poorly performing employment issues; it gives a chance for the employee to improve and to get on track, as well as ensuring that the golf club follows a procedure that reduces the risk of a successful claim in the event of a dismissal.

The process of dealing with poorly performing employees can be complex and we urge golf club managers to take advice from the NGCAA throughout a performance improvement plan.

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