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Compensation for Discrimination Claims increase

The amount of potential compensation for a discrimination claim has been increased in the latest Presidential Guidance for Employment Tribunals

Saturday 7th of April 2018 15:22

If an employee is successful with a discrimination claim they can be awarded two aspects of compensation. The first part is the injury to feelings and psychiatric injury, whilst the second part is the financial loss or loss of earnings. This briefing concerns the first aspect, the injury to feelings and psychiatric injury compensation.

A number of years ago, there was a well-known court case, referred to as the "Vento" case, to which employment tribunals now refer when assessing injury to feelings compensation. The case set four bands of compensation, which vary depending upon the seriousness of the discrimination to which the claimant has been subjected. 

 From the 6th of April 2018, the “Vento” bands are as follows:

 The lower band – £900-£8600 (which is for less serious discrimination cases)

 The middle band – £8600-£25,700

 The upper band – £25,700-£42,900 (which applies to the most serious discrimination cases)

 For the most exceptional cases – £42,900 and above

As can be seen, the injury to feelings element of potential compensation is quite significant, so our golf clubs are urged to call or email the NGCAA for advice where there might be scope for a claim of discrimination. We are here to help and advise our members


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