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Rights of Access to Golf Club land

What rights do providers of Gas, Electric, Water and drainage have to gain access to your Golf Course? Can they just come and dig up my green?!!

Wednesday 29th of November 2017 09:36


Imagine the scenario: a club manager makes a regular inspection of the course, only to find a number of workmen in their high visibility jackets digging a hole in the middle of a green, with the usual paraphernalia of wire and orange barriers.  On approach and asking them what they are doing, they respond that they are contractors for a utility provider carrying out important works.  Pointing out to them that this is totally unexpected and that there has been no notice of the work falls on deaf ears and they carry out making the hole ever larger.

What can be done in this situation? And how likely is this to happen?

This article will set out some general principles about the “statutory undertakers” (see below for an explanation of this term) providing gas, electricity, water and drainage and the rights they have to access land owned by other parties.

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